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The original factory of BPI Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1968 at Bothaville in the Northern Free State Province of South Africa 

BPI was established to produce commercial and custom-made agricultural equipment. BPI Manufacturing Proprietary Limited was acquired by Michigan Equipment Proprietary Limited in 2010. BPI Manufacturing’s strength is rooted in the long-held philosophy to provide customers with much more than just an implement. A comprehensive range of support services ensures owners and operators benefit from the best possible advice and guidance before buying as well as the best possible back-up service.

Though the initiative, vision and experience of the management and engineering departments, the AGRITEC range of products is kept alive and constantly improved. A highly skilled workforce produces a wide range of tested and proven quality products to suit the demands and harsh conditions of Africa. At BPI, implements are designed, developed and built, and we support all our products developed with spare parts manufactured at the factory. Historically BPI used to manufacture agricultural implements for the South African farmer focused on the conditions of the country as well as the diversity of our agricultural landscape.  From the takeover of BPI by Michigan Equipment the focus for the first five years was the continuation of the manufacturing this wide range of products, but also combined it with imported products. 

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These imported products were focused on the then, supply of Countrywide tenders.  Unfortunately, the Government procurement and supply program changed and one of the key changes was, to do more focused supply and a higher focus technologically advanced equipment in the agricultural mechanization industry. BPI management anticipated the change and in 2017 changed the model of supply to their well-developed dealer network.  BPI focused on developing of new products required by the changing agricultural landscape. This change is where the farmers are increasing their mechanization capabilities to larger equipment units, with precision farming in mind, and limiting the cost factors to the farming activities.  

This change was not only to the commercial farmers but was coming in line with the Government procurement strategy. BPI decided it was time to go back to its roots by focusing more on their own products, their own quality and most importantly its own BPI Brand. BPI ceased the importation of products, that was mainly lower value, higher unit volumes.  The management also decided to discontinue all low cost, entry level, low value high volumes manufactured products. Management decided to focus on BPI’s strength in the market and refocused its manufacturing in line with these strengths to increase its quality increase the need for their specialized products.  

Our Current product range

These products are categorized as:

  • Ground Engaging
  • Haulage
  • Precision spreading and placing
  • Optimization equipment (Hammer mills, cultivators etc.)

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New Developments

To this end BPI’s engineers and designers, with this strategic change in mind, developed new products in the last few years such as:

  • Precision ready spreaders with 10 Ton and 20 Ton capacity (to expand the range of 2 Ton, 3,5 Ton and 5 Ton);
  • Transfer trailers with 24 Ton and 34 Ton capacity (expanding on the range of 8 Ton, 14 Ton, 18 Ton and 21 Ton).  Take in mind that BPI has increased all their offloading capability of their transfer trailers to 30% – 40% of the total haulage per minute;
  • Re-design the 8 Ton Transfer trailer to specialize in Fertilizer handling, making all the contact parts into stainless steel;
  • Bulk trailers with a 15 Ton and 20 Ton capacity, both with a side tipping option available;
  • Forage trailer with an 8 Ton capacity to allow the farmer to load and offload feed for their animals.
  • A ground-breaking new single action cultivator.  This piece of equipment allows only one action after harvest, before planting.  This equipment will increase the carbon in the soil, better water holding capacity and if that is not enough will save the farmer a huge amount of fuel and time.

There are also new developments that the technical team are busy with to other product lines, as well as interesting new developments that will allow BPI to enter, into the supply of equipment to the Mining Industry to assist with dust control. Another mayor change for BPI was the change of its product color.  Historically BPI products was red. It was found, that with the difference in Tractor Brand colors, BPI were limiting its ability to align with all the various Tractor Brands.  Management took the decision to change the color scheme of all BPI products, to a neutral color, “GUN METAL GREY”. The change was warmly accepted and welcomed by the customers.


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